Waggerz Lounge is the go-to daycare for my Dog. Having had the opportunity to experience both local to Worcester shops my wife and I prefer Waggerz. Chris and Sherri are both great and you can tell our Dog really likes to visit and be part of their pack the three day’s a week we visit. Being able to play outside during the day is a bonus that was unavailable at their competitor. The only thing we wish they would institute is larger Daycare packages and slightly longer (7pm) hours.

Ryan K

Our two dogs attend day care at Waggerz on a regular basis. We have also boarded them there on multiple occassions. Boarding is actually a misnomer- for a dog it is more like a sleep over camp with your very best friends. Chris and Sherrie and the staff love each dog as if they were their own. They also seem genuinely happy to see them every morning and sad to see them go at the end of the day. Chris and Sherrie are very knowledgeable about animal behavior and make sure that it is a safe and fun environment for your pet. We have been able to leave our dogs there and go out of the country with no worries. Your dog will receive excellent care and socialization and plenty of love. I could not recommend Waggerz any higher.

Beverly S

My dog Chloe goes to daycare at Waggerz’ lounge twice a week. When I drop her off, she cannot get into the door quick enough, and when I pick her up at the end of the day, she is totally exhausted! Chris & Sherri are amazing. They know every dog’s name by heart. They have such compassion and love for all of these dogs. Over all, a very positive experience and I will certainly continue to go there! I recently started a dog training class at Waggerz’ Lounge also. This class is taught by Chris. I have attended dog training classes elsewhere and those classes do not even compare to what I have learned, and also what my dog has learned in the three weeks we have been attending classes at Waggerz’. I cannot emphasize enough, the knowledge Chris has when it comes to training dogs. I have learned so much these past three weeks. I feel a stronger bond with my dog; because she listens to me now.

Kimberly M

Best day care & boarding for dogs in the state.

Kevin J

This is a wonderful place for daycare for your dog! The facility is clean and big. My chocolate lab runs in the door every time she goes and comes home exhausted from a fun day. All the dogs that go are so friendly and love to play. They even post pictures on facebook so you can see what your pup is up to that day. Definitely check this place out. The prices are very reasonable especially if your a frequent visitor and the hours are awesome too!

Jenna H

I bring my golden retriever here for doggy daycare and he really enjoys it. He excitedly greets the daycare owners in the morning and comes home content and sleepy. They post great pictures of the dogs at play on facebook. The daycare owners are friendly and genuinely care about the dogs. It’s very nice to finally have such a great doggy daycare in the Worcester area.

Patti P

The first thing I notice each I’m there is how clean and fresh smelling the site is!!! The store area is spotless!!! It shines! The owners. Chris and Sherri, are friendly and knowledgeable! Chris was very good at using a Dremel on my dog’s nails. This was first for him, and I thought he might not like the noise. But with Chris calming him, it turned out to be the best nail trim he’s ever had! Their prices are fantastic!!! I just love this place!!!!

Sue K

Waggerz Lounge is the best choice in Worcester for dog day care. Chris & Sherri are very selective about the dogs that are permitted for dog day care which is great. Prices are reasonable and the location is very convenient for anyone in Worcester, Holden, or West Boylston, MA. The indoor facility in all new and is kept spotless. We look forward to trying Waggerz for grooming in the near future, my only suggestion would be web cams to check in on your dog during the day! Keep up the good work guys.

Betsy G

This is a wonderful place to board your dog. I boarded my shih tzu, and I found Chris and Sherri to be very attentive and affectionate with him. The facility if immaculate. I used them when I went away for a weekend trip and I came home to a very happy dog. I will use them again.

Pam R